Local Search Marketing

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Local Search Marketing

Local Search Marketing helps your customers to find your local business. Searches become ‘local’ when a user includes their chosen location alongside their search term. E.g. “Local Search Marketing Stockport”. Local Search Marketing is hugely important if your business is looking to gain customers from your immediate location. And even more important if you have a physical location that your customers can go, for example a high street shop!

Search engines have been changing how we interact with our local shops for for some time. How often have you seen a map with local business listings appear on a Google search results page? These results will often show photos, customer reviews, and are used to provide contact details, telephone numbers and even directions to your business.

With rapid advances in smartphone and tablet technology, internet usage has become a huge part of our daily lives. Users access the internet for a wide variety of purposes – and a large part of that usage covers shopping based searches. Statistics show that 70% of users go online when looking for information on a local business. More importantly 74% of those local searches result in either a telephone call or a visit to the business. You can see why it is crucial for you to make Local SEO a part of your overall marketing strategy.

Importantly, Local Search results are much faster to achieve than traditional ‘organic’ SEO.  By working together we can share our knowledge and resources with you, and can make your Local Search Marketing extremely cost effective.

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