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Google announces Enhanced AdWords Campaigns

By Gareth Lockton

The 6th February 2013 saw the launch of new Enhanced Campaigns for Google AdWords, primarily designed to help advertisers target customers on the wide range of devices they are using.

A recent study by Google showed that the ever-growing increase in mobile and tablet usage means that users will often work between a number of different devices. For example, when researching products or services of interest, you might begin your shopping search on your mobile device. Once you have found a product that has peaked your interest you might move onto a tablet or desktop computer for further research, better quality images and clearer purchasing options.

Before the introduction of Enhanced Campaigns, AdWords users could create campaigns built to target specific devices, choosing between desktop, tablet and mobile. Now all of these seperate campaigns are rolled into one, in a move which is predicted to cause a ‘mixed’ reaction from the PPC community.

Being able to target different devices with different campaigns was actually a pretty neat feature, especially as campaigns have their own budgets. If your website is not optimised for mobile devices you could opt not to create a campaign that is likely to perform poorly. If your conversions mostly come from desktop users, you could easily use the majority of your budget to target them. Not any more… welcome to a ‘multi-device world’.

Along with Enhanced Campaigns comes a number of new features including:

Bid Adjustments will allow you to mark your bids higher or lower, by a percentage, depending on the device being used, the searchers location and even by day and time.

Optimised Ads will allow you to specify ads that are designed for either desktop or mobile devices, all from within one single Campaign. Mobile ads will be able to show click-to-call and location extensions, while desktop ads can utilitse features such as sitelinks to direct people to different areas of your website.

Advanced Reports will allow you to effectively track all of the upcoming changes. Reports will allow you to track conversions from phone calls lasting 60 seconds or more, and compare their effectiveness to desktop conversions.

The option to upgrade your account will appear over the coming weeks, with AdWords due to upgrade all campaigns by mid 2013.

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