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How to increase your email subscription database

By Gareth Lockton

Email marketing is an essential tool that all businesses should be using to communicate with their customers, and recent reports have shown that email delivers the strongest ROI of any marketing channel for business-to-business, and come a very close second for business-to-consumer marketing.

With such a high ROI it is important that we encourage users to sign up for our email newsletters and offers at every possible opportunity. Remember, email marketing is always an ‘opt in’ choice for the consumer so we need to give a pretty good reason to sign up in the first place!

Check the sign-up form on your website

This will generally be your first port-of-call when looking to increase your subscriber numbers. Make sure your sign-up form is clearly visible and in a prominent position on your website homepage, and if possible on all of your other pages as well.

It is also a good idea to do more than just stick up a heading “Sign up to our Newsletter” and a form to submit. Try to encourage subscriptions by explaining the benefits, entering subscribers into a prize-draw or offering discounts on online purchases.

If you are running online advertising campaigns such as with Google AdWords then make sure the ‘sign-up’ information is included on all of your landing pages as well. Customers might not convert right away but may still like to sign up for future offers.

Utilise current contact methods

There will already be a number of different ways that you connect with both existing and potential customers, through your website, in the emails you send, through social media and through more traditional means such as direct mail, quotes and invoices.

With some small adjustments you can quickly make your existing connections an invitation to subscribe to your email newsletters:

  • Adjust the footer of your standard emails to include a subscription link
  • Running an online store? Make sure your ‘sign-up’ message is on your account activation, purchase confirmations, dispatch notices and all other store emails
  • Making sure all of your direct mail, letterheads, invoices, contain the all important ‘sign-up’ message and link
  • Consider including your subscription message on offline advertising and on delivery notes when your packages arrive
  • Inside your store, such as next to the till or a message on receipts. You could even use a QR code on a poster to direct customers to sign-up

Other online sign-up locations

Encourage customers to sign-up to your newsletters throughout your social media network:

Create a page on your website that is specifically designed to encourage users to sign-up. Include highlights of your latest newsletter, show previous newsletters and examples of offers or competitions that you have run in the past so that people can get a feel for what they are signing up for. By doing this you are creating a URL link specifically for getting customers to ‘opt-in’ on your emails, and you can use this link across your social network every time you want to promote your newsletters.

Twitter – include your ‘sign-up’ URL link on your Twitter profile, and always tweet about your latest newsletter offerings with an invitation for your followers to join.
Facebook – post information about your latest newsletter on your Facebook wall each time an email goes out so that everybody who ‘likes’ you will be notified, along with your ‘sign-up’ link.
Linkedin – if you have a company profile page on Linkedin, display your newsletter information, post email newsletters and blog posts, and of course the all-important link to your sign-up page. Also, post your newsletters to any relevant groups that you are a member of.

Main points to take away from this article

There are always new ideas to investigate when trying to build your email database, and it is certainly worth investing time in – especially considering the ROI compared to some other marketing techniques.

Allow your database time to grow, and always consider your target audience when you are sending out emails. Remember email marketing is strictly ‘opt-in’ only and customers can ‘opt-out’ just as quickly if they don’t like your email content or feel that you are bombarding them with offers on a daily basis! A well managed database built naturally over time coupled with email campaigns that carefully target your customers needs can be worth its weight in gold.

If you are just starting out with Email Marketing or already have an email campaign up and running and would like to know more about our services, please call 01457 854 418 or complete an enquiry form and we will call you back!